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Mold Remediation and Removal Services in Coconut Creek


Mold refers to the fungi that break down organic matter. Outside, they’re a critical tool in helping return deceased plants and animals to the earth. But indoors, mold and mildew can not only ruin food, but potentially cause severe damage to your property. 

Here in Coconut Creek, our humidity makes mold more common both indoors and outdoors. When mold starts to spread on the surfaces of your property, it becomes a problem that needs professional help. Mold is a destructive force on drywall, wood, carpeting, and more, and the spores that mold releases can be harmful to your health. 

Rescue Clean 911 provides mold remediation in Coconut Creek for an infestation of any scope. Our science-backed methods get rid of mold quickly and completely and our full service options can remove any lingering odors, stains, or health risks to leave your property like new.

Health Issues Caused by Mold in Coconut Creek

Mold is often misunderstood, in ways that are both good and bad. All mold has the potential to spread and damage a property, which means in needs to be eliminated quickly to prevent more serious issues. But the type of mold is not as important as it seems. 

Small amounts of mold are generally not harmful, not even “black mold.” However, ALL mold, no matter its color, has the potential to trigger allergens or be toxic at high amounts. Color is not important. Rather, it’s the amount of spores and type of spores that are released that matters most. 

That is why it is so important to consider professional mold remediation. Small amounts of mold can spread fast and become a more significant problem in a matter of days, and large amounts of mold are more likely to release spores that affect your allergies, lungs, heart, and more – especially if disturbed during the cleaning process. 

Mold grows on surfaces that have sustained sources of moisture. In some parts of the country, this requires a leak. Here in Coconut Creek, our humidity and weather means that it’s possible to develop mold even without a leak, simply due to poor ventilation or some related issue. Mold then grows, and starts to spread further by releasing spores which then land on other damp surfaces to start new infestations.

Depending on the type and size of the spores, they may be inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed into the skin. High concentrations of airborne mold cause the majority of health problems and can be challenging because you cannot see the mold spores. If you have not seen mold growing on the property, health issues could be the first indication of a problem. Mold most often causes:

  • Allergies – In the same way that many people are allergic to flowers or grasses, a person may also be allergic to certain mold spores. Frequent exposure to those particular species results in congestion, sneezing, coughing, and itching eyes.
  • Asthma – Those who already have asthma often find it exacerbated by mold in the area and see an increase in asthma attacks.
  • Frequent Cold Symptoms – If you seem to have recurring colds or an ongoing cold that never gets better, mold could be the cause. Mold causes an excessive immune response that shows similar characteristics to colds.
  • Drowsiness – Unexplained lasting drowsiness, headaches, and lethargy may be a result of long term mold exposure. People will often experience this fatigue alongside other mold symptoms.

In the most extreme cases, some varieties of toxic mold can cause neurological symptoms. These are rare but make it important to treat all infestations seriously and with care.

There are also physical impacts to a property with a lasting mold infestation. It is unsightly, reducing the value of a property. It also uses biological materials – such as fabric, wood, and the gypsum in drywall – for food. When mold is on one of these surfaces, the spores will eat away at it until there is evident pitting and deterioration. This can be merely cosmetic, but if mold grows on support beams, there will be structural concerns too.

Our Comprehensive Mold Remediation Process

The goal of mold remediation is to return a property to the condition it was in before mold spores began growing. We eliminate excessive concentrations of airborne mold and clean and restore any surfaces that were visibly impacted.

If there is a significant health risk suspected – for instance, if there are indications of toxic mold exposure – we can determine exactly which fungal species are present. In general, however, we treat all mold infestations similarly with extensive safety precautions and effective cleanup solutions.

When you call us for mold remediation in Coconut Creek, our process will include:

  • Secure the Area – We first take action to ensure mold spores cannot spread during removal. This might occur if disturbed spores enter the air, especially if an HVAC system is operating, or if spores are carried to another room on clothing. Our team is trained in setting up ventilation systems and an on site decontamination room if necessary.
  • Determine the Cause of Mold Growth – In our initial inspection, we search for every place mold is growing and the source of water. Eliminating the cause of moisture is the first step to ensuring mold will not return after we remove it.
  • Remove Visible Mold – We can handle mold in two different ways depending on the type of surface it grows on. We clean less porous surfaces using a variety of equipment and cleaners to get mold on the surface and any that has eaten into the material. When cleaning is not possible, we will generally remove the contaminated object and dispose of it according to EPA guidelines.
  • Encapsulation – A third option when we cannot remove mold – such as when it has affected a critical structure in the home – is to seal it away with encapsulation. We seal the mold with a special sealant that keeps it from growing any further or releasing any more spores into the air.
  • Deodorize and Restore – Once the property is free of active mold growth, we remove any additional signs that there was ever an issue. This can include applying odor blockers if the musty smell persists, replacing any carpeting or drywall that we removed during cleanup, or painting over damage. 
  • Prevent Future Mold Growth – With Coconut Creek properties at high risk for mold, we can point out any areas in your home that have the highest chance of mold growth and make recommendations such as lowering the overall temperature or increasing ventilation to keep mold away.

Our residential and commercial mold remediation is available 7 days a week with emergency and after hours service available. With how quickly mold spreads in Coconut Creek, a fast response to mold is essential for the safety of your property and your peace of mind. This is why we act fast and can begin our mold treatments fast whenever you discover mold growth.



Biohazard Cleanup and Removal Services in Coconut Creek


For professional and complete biohazard cleanup Coconut Creek, the experts at Rescue Clean 911 are the most experienced hazmat cleanup and blood cleanup specialists. With over 13 years of experience as a firefighter and Hazardous Materials Captain, our founder and owner have developed the most extensive and comprehensive training program for our hazmat cleanup technicians.

Biohazard cleanup Coconut Creek includes the cleaning and restoration of properties following a crime, accident, suicide, death, hoarding, unattended death and decomposition, and other traumatic and difficult events. It is important that you consult with and hire professionals only for biohazard clean up Coconut Creek. Professional hazmat cleanup offers our clients a viable means of relieving some of the pain and anguish suffered as a result of a traumatic event.

Biohazard cleanup Coconut Creek additionally includes cleaning and removing all biohazard waste and waste resulting from gross filth and hoarding, all of which require the use of various OSHA approved chemicals. Our technicians have extensive training on the use of the chemicals, and they are safe for you and your family.

Our biohazard clean up services include the following:

  • Hazmat cleanup
  • Feces and Urine cleanup
  • Animal waste/remains removal
  • Blood clean up
  • Sewage overflow remediation
  • And much more

All of our biohazard clean up methods use non-toxic chemicals to prevent cross contamination of your property. We also utilize odor neutralizing solutions which remove the unpleasant smell of biohazards completely.

Blood cleanup Coconut Creek is especially complicated. Blood and bodily fluid are often not only visible to the eye, but microscopic traces can be found in hard to reach areas and places you cannot see. Our skilled and highly professional team of hazmat and blood cleanup specialists can detect and thoroughly remove every trace of material.

Rescue Clean 911 has certified technicians available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to answer your call whenever a disaster may strike. We know that these events happen without warning, and we are committed to providing you with advice and answers to all of your biohazard cleanup Coconut Creek questions. Call us any time, day or night, and we will immediately begin helping you restore your home or business.

Hoarding Cleanup and Removal Services in Coconut Creek


Rescue Clean 911 specializes in hoarding cleanup Coconut Creek. Our expert team of certified and licensed technicians is available around the clock to assist you and your family in the event that you need hoarder cleaning services, Coconut Creek. Hoarder cleanup is required in the event that a residence or business is rendered unsafe and uninhabitable as a direct result of hoarding.

Hoarding and gross filth cleaning should always be provided by a professional, certified, and experienced provider of hoarding cleanup services, Coconut Creek. Every case of hoarding is different. Our technicians are experienced in the safe and effective detection, cleaning, and removal of filth and debris, fecal matter, bodily fluids, excessive trash, expired food, odor, boxed items, mold, mildew, and many other dangerous and hazardous materials and issues that arise from hoarding.

Rescue Clean 911 is the leader in hoarder cleaning services Coconut Creek. Our staff is extensively trained in proper cleaning, decontamination, and odor removal procedures, as well as how to respond to and properly handle the complex psychological issues that are associated with hoarding and the need for hoarding clean up Coconut Creek. Our compassionate and professional technicians are trained to use only OSHA approved chemicals that are safe for you and your loved ones. We are committed to excellence and to providing you and your family with a safe and clean environment. We are up to date and follow all OSHA, state, and federal regulations regarding the cleaning, removal, and restoration of hazardous materials and other potentially harmful matter.

Call our certified specialists at any time. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to advise you and to answer all of your hoarding cleanup Coconut Creek questions. We highly recommend that you consult with the experts at Rescue Clean 911 if you are in need of hoarding clean up Coconut Creek.



Crime Scene Cleanup and Removal Services in Coconut Creek

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene cleanup Coconut Creek is a complex and difficult job. The professional crime scene cleaners at Rescue Clean 911 respond to incidents that require crime scene cleaning Coconut Creek and blood decontamination. Rescue Clean 911 provides unique and specified crime scene cleaner training to ensure our technicians are both compassionate to the complexities of handling a crime scene and qualified to remove blood, bodily fluids, and hazardous materials

Our specialized training in the detection and removal of biohazard materials is based on our owner’s more than 13 years of experience as a firefighter, paramedic, and registered nurse. This makes our technicians uniquely qualified in crime scene cleanup, Coconut Creek. In addition to thoroughly cleaning and removing all traces of hazardous materials, our team will restore your house or place of business to a safe environment.

Rescue Clean 911 technicians have received extensive training in crime scene cleanup, trauma scene cleanup, and blood cleanup, making them the experts in all crime scene clean up Coconut Creek. We are extensively trained in the use of various chemicals, all of which are OSHA approved and completely safe for you and your family. At Rescue Clean 911, we understand that when you need us most, it is a highly challenging, stressful, and emotional time.

We believe that crime scene cleanup Coconut Creek should be accessible and available to everyone that needs it. We work with many insurance companies and also offer a variety of payment options. Professional crime scene cleanup is critical to the health and safety of anyone that comes in contact with your home or business. In the event of a crime, we know that you will have many things to worry about, don’t let the cleaning, decontaminating, and restoration of your property be one of them.

Call one of our certified specialists in the crime scene clean up Coconut Creek any time, day or night. We will be there to help you right away.

Suicide Cleanup and Removal Services in Coconut Creek

Suicide Cleanup

At Rescue Clean 911, our compassionate and accredited suicide cleaners are the most trusted in suicide cleanup Coconut Creek. Suicide and death cleanup requires skilled and highly trained professionals. We know that when you experience a traumatic event like that of suicide that it can be overwhelming. Our priority is to provide you and your family with a thoroughly clean, restored, and safe environment to return to.

Suicide cleaning Coconut Creek involves a detailed procedure to detect, disinfect, and completely remove all traces of blood, bodily fluids, tissue and bone matter, contaminated clothing, hypodermic needles, razor blades, and any other item that may cause injury or death. Our goal is to provide you and your family with a clean and safe environment to return to.

Our suicide clean up Coconut Creek includes additional efforts by our technicians to remove any evidence of suicide and to remove reminders for family members and friends. Our technicians also clean and restore sentimental items during the restoration after a suicide. We highly recommend consulting a professional service like Rescue Clean 911 to assist and guide you through suicide cleanup Coconut Creek.

Rescue Clean 911 is committed to providing you with the necessary death cleanup services you need while offering compassionate and highly trained technicians that can handle the unique and complicated psychological and emotional issues that accompany a suicide. Our team is available around the clock,  on-call 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week in order to respond to your call for suicide cleanup Coconut Creek whenever you need us.

We are here to answer your questions and to advise you in suicide clean up Coconut Creek. We recommend consulting with one of our trained experts before attempting to clean or decontaminate a suicide scene on your own. At Rescue Clean 911, we are always here when you need us.

Water Damage Restoration, Extraction, and Removal Services in Coconut Creek

Water Damage Restoration

Flood damage can threaten any property in Coconut Creek. Newer properties and older ones can experience water damage when an appliance malfunctions, pipes back up or break, a leak in the roof or around windows develops, or the area floods from weather.

While water damage restoration may be more often associated with flooding, a continuous small leak over a long period of time can also be a source of damage. No matter how much water is involved, the resulting staining, odors, mold, structural damage, and health risks can have long term consequences.

Working with Rescue Clean 911 for water damage restoration in Coconut Creek is the best way to keep your home or commercial property protected. As IICRC certified restoration technicians, we use cleaning methods that protect your property and allow for restoration instead of replacement so that we can have your home back to normal quickly and affordably.

Levels of Water Damage

Not all water damage is the same, and so the intensity and scope of treatments and cleaning solutions will change from project to project. The IICRC standards provide general guidelines for the different levels of water damage in Coconut Creek and provide a starting point for our approach to restoration on your property:

  • Class 1 Water Damage – Minimal water is absorbed and the surfaces that have absorbed water are highly porous, like papers, carpets, and fabrics. Water only impacts a part of the room.
  • Class 2 Water Damage – A medium amount of water has been absorbed into porous materials but unlike class 1, it spans the entire room.
  • Class 3 Water Damage – Over 40% of the room has absorbed water. These are still more porous materials, but the greater amount of water will require more evaporative time.
  • Class 4 Water Damage – Water has absorbed into nonporous materials such as hardwood, brick, and plaster. These materials require certain conditions to effectively dry.

The state of the water is an added challenge. While clean water such as what comes from a water supply line is harmless for people, grey and black water from other flood sources introduces bacteria, viruses, and chemicals into your property. These pathogens are or can become a biohazard and are more likely to result in staining, odors, and lasting issues at any level of water damage.

How We Restore a Property After Flooding in Coconut Creek

When flooding occurs, every minute can make a difference in the removal process. Sitting water is more likely to absorb into additional surfaces, breed bacteria, stain, and grow mold. We want to begin the water extraction and drying process as quickly as possible to keep cleaning efficient and less invasive.

Our 24/7 Coconut Creek water damage restoration treats water damage as soon as it happens. Rather than waiting for water to dry on its own – a process that can take weeks and maybe never be complete – we stop the cause of flooding if necessary and set up our equipment to optimize the drying time. Air circulators and dehumidifiers make it possible for us to dry a variety of surfaces quickly, including those where water is trapped far below the surface.

Once walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and all salvageable belongings are dry, we begin restoring any damage. Our water damage restoration process is thorough, designed to leave your property in like-new condition. At this stage, we can also neutralize odors, remove mold, or assist with any other water damage related issues. 

No matter how much water is present and how much space it covers, our complete water damage restoration service will keep your property safe and functional.



Fire Damage Restoration, Extraction, and Removal Services in Coconut Creek

Fire Damage Restoration

Even a small fire leaves a lot of issues behind. While some of the damage caused by flames may be visible to the eye, there can be considerable damage in places you cannot see, even if the fire was localized to a small area. The larger the fire, the more significant this damage may be. 

Working with a professional fire restoration company like Rescue Clean 911 guarantees that all of the issues caused by fires are removed and restored.  At Rescue Clean 911, our Coconut Creek fire damage restoration addresses all damage caused by:

  • Smoke
  • Soot Residue
  • Ash
  • Fire Hose or Sprinkler System Water
  • Structural Damage
  • Cosmetic Damage

Smoke, soot, and water are particularly damaging because the effects will extend beyond the immediate area where the fire occurred. They can get into other parts of your home where they stain surfaces and contaminate belongings. Our fire damage repair encompasses your entire home to locate visible and invisible dangers so that you know your property is safe.

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