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Mold Remediation and Removal Services in Loxahatchee


Mold is a type of fungal growth. It grows in any area that is warm, damp, and not exposed to direct sunlight. In nature, mold plays a role in returning organic material to the soil. But in our properties, which are made of many organic materials, mold becomes highly destructive, eating away at the property and spreading potentially dangerous pathogens. 

Loxahatchee, like most of South Florida, is at a vastly increased risk of mold. The ambient temperature and humidity alone can be enough to foster mold growth, but any source of water or dampness allows mold to flourish. An ongoing leak, a one time flood, excessive condensation, or a water spill, can all form the base for mold quickly, and because of our climate, that moisture tends to linger for longer. 

The rapid way in which mold can spread in Loxahatchee requires equally rapid solutions. At Rescue Clean 911, we make this possible with advanced treatments and an experienced team. Our Loxahatchee mold remediation services for commercial and residential properties can effectively eliminate any mold, no matter the size of the infestation or its growing in seemingly unreachable locations.

Our services are safe, fast, and permanent. They take the risk out of both living with mold and attempting to clean it yourself. With flexible treatment options due to our 24 hour availability, we can be on site immediately if you have an emergency or arrange remediation after hours at a commercial property when it’s convenient for you and your staff. 

What Is Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is sometimes described as mold removal, but this is not entirely accurate. Mold exists all around us, including inside homes and businesses. It is a naturally occurring fungi that assists with decomposition and is often harmless. The spores that exist in the air are generally nontoxic and in low enough concentrations that they will have no adverse effects.

With the mold remediation process, we are not completely removing every single mold spore from the interior of a property. In addition to being unnecessary, such a process would be impossible. Mold spores can easily be carried back in through any small opening in a property, including an open door, or carried in on clothing, possessions, pet fur, and more.

Instead, we are addressing the unhealthy concentration of mold spores that are created when mold grows on a property. This occurs when spores settle on a damp surface. From there, it will spread outwards, feeding on the moisture and either the organic material in the underlying surface or the particles of biological material in the air.

This growing mold releases spores of its own. Some of the issues caused from prolonged exposure to mold include:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma Flare Ups
  • Colds
  • Fevers, and More

Some forms of mold are also more toxic than others, and can become extremely harmful if disturbed. Those who already experience respiratory issues or are more sensitive to illness are more likely to experience the effects of mold first and to greater extremes. Anyone can be at risk with enough exposure, however, or if the specific species of mold growing is producing toxic spores.

Our goal with mold remediation is to eliminate spore producing mold growth wherever it occurs on your property and return air quality levels back to normal conditions.

How We Address Mold in Loxahatchee

Our mold remediation process is guided by the industry standards for property restoration, federal and state guidelines, and our own experience with what is most effective in mitigating mold. For industry standards, we are IICRC certified and follow their strict procedural recommendations. EPA requirements dictate our disposal process to ensure the safety of your property and our team.

The remainder of our process, informed by our extensive experience and up to date training, relies on state of the art equipment, effective cleaning products, and our attention to detail. We adapt our process to your property, the location of mold, and how much damage there is. The process we use may include:

  • Assessment – Not all mold will be visible on a property. Mold likes damp and dark areas, and many of those exist outside living spaces. Mold may also grow beneath the surface if it eats away at the material it is growing on. Our initial assessment enables us to discover where mold is growing. Visual inspection, moisture meters, and other technology helps us locate mold so that we can create an efficient plan for remediation and be sure we are taking all the right safety precautions.
  • Stop the Source – In our inspection, we will also determine the cause of moisture if it is not already evident. Taking steps to repair a leak, increase ventilation, or stop flooding and dry out the area is the first step. It stops mold growth and eliminates the possibility of it growing back.
  • Mold Removal – Mold on surfaces can be removed in several ways. We can use detergents and agitation or HEPA vacuums to lift the spores from some surfaces. Other materials, particularly carpet, sheetrock, paper, and insulation, trap mold too effectively and most often be completely removed and disposed of to get rid of mold. This is our last resort, but can be necessary as part of the complete remediation process.
  • Cleaning, Deodorizing, and Sanitizing – Mold can leave behind odors and spores after the majority of the infestation is removed. We use different methods and technology to neutralize remaining spores and odors in the air.
  • Restoration – Once all the mold is gone, we complete the restoration process. We rebuild any drywall that has been removed, replace any wood or baseboards, and can even replace appliances and cabinetry. Our restoration service ensures that once we leave, it was like mold was never there. 
  • Final Review – We end with an in depth search for anything we may have missed and confirm that mold spores in the air no longer pose a risk. When we are satisfied that the property is safe and mold will not return, we clean up all our equipment and leave your home in better condition that when we arrived.

Our mold remediation services are designed to address any type of mold infestation safely and thoroughly. We work efficiently, use all necessary safety measurements, and treat you and your property with respect the entire time. 



Biohazard Cleanup and Removal Services in Loxahatchee


As a property owner, you will deal with different instances of damage, hazards, and repairs until you decide to sell. When you experience biohazard contamination that affects your health and safety, you need to contact a professional immediately. The good news is that you don’t have to deal with these situations alone, our team at Rescue Clean 911 is equipped with industry-leading tools to help you remediate any biohazard situation you may be dealing with.

All of our biohazard cleanup specialists are IICRC and NORMI certified, which ensure that your problem is resolves using safe yet effective methods. Biohazards come in all forms including blood, bodily fluids, waste, and more, because of their varying nature, each contaminant requires specialized cleaning techniques which we are capable of performing.

Aside from simply removing biohazards at the surface level, our specialists use advanced tools which allow them to target hazardous materials on a microscopic level. This is done to ensure that all biohazards are permanently removed from your property, reducing the risk of leftover bacteria causing health issues for you down the line.

Our biohazard clean up services include the following:

  • Hazmat cleanup
  • Feces and Urine cleanup
  • Animal waste/remains removal
  • Blood clean up
  • Sewage overflow remediation
  • And much more

All of our biohazard clean up methods use non-toxic chemicals to prevent cross contamination of your property. We also utilize odor neutralizing solutions which remove the unpleasant smell of biohazards completely.

Our biohazard cleanup services are compatible with various different insurance providers, so we can help start the claims process. If you need assistance cleaning up a hazardous material from your property, you can get a free quote by simply giving us a call or filling out the form on our website.

We offer 24/7 biohazard remediation, so you can always get the help you need when you need it. Our services are available to all commercial and residential property owners located in Loxahatchee, FL.

Rescue Clean 911 proudly offers 24 Hour Emergency Services. Contact us today for immediate response. Our team of professionals will be sure to restore your property to a clean and healthy condition!


Hoarding Cleanup and Removal Services in Loxahatchee


Rescue Clean 911 consists of a full team of hoarding clean up experts in Loxahatchee FL. We have an immediate response to any cleaning up and removal situations. Hoarding can result in a dangerous environment within the home and around the property. As a result, hoarders and their families can rest assured we will safely cleanup and remove all the unused stuff.

Being exposed to such biological and chemical contaminants can result in serious health consequences. Furthermore, these dangerous substances cause extremely unhealthy conditions. Our team of biohazard cleanup professionals safely remove and dispose of these contaminants in accordance with all regulations.

We pride ourselves on being fully equipped with all necessary safety gear and cleaning products. Our goal is to transform your unsafe environment back to a clean and healthy condition. Regardless of the day, time or location, Rescue Clean 911 operates with an immediate response!

The stress that accompanies any type of hoarding clean up is often unbearable. Allow our team of experts to perform the necessary hoarder cleaning and restoration services. In all of these situations, our team ensures your property is cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized to remove any smells.

Rescue Clean 911 proudly offers 24 Hour Emergency Services. Contact us today for immediate response. Our team of professionals will be sure to restore your property to a clean and healthy condition!



Crime Scene Cleanup and Removal Services in Loxahatchee

Crime Scene Cleanup

​While it may not be common in your everyday life, crimes do occur on a regular basis. When violent acts occur, there is typically a main line of things that follow and a crime scene is one of them. Crime scenes contain various substances which pose a threat to the health and safety of those nearby. If you happen to come in contact with a crime scene or are an active law official, it’s important for you to find assistance that specialized in biohazard cleaning.

At Rescue Clean 911, our technicians are NORMI and IICRC certified specialists that are dedicated to providing reliable crime scene cleanup. The first thing that you should always remember, is that crime scene cleaning is not as simple as removing surface-level contaminants. The residue of substances that are released during direct physical conflict contain hazardous properties.

Without the proper training or equipment, you are putting your overall well-being in jeopardy when attempting to touch blood, mucus, or any other bodily fluid. Our crime scene cleaners are trained in a variety of different biohazard cleaning methods and techniques. This allows us to deliver effective crime scene clean up results that remove bacteria, bodily fluids, permanently.

We are equipped with specially formulated cleaning solutions that are designed to breakdown biological substances. All of our sanitization products are non-toxic to ensure that the environment remains as stable as possible. Our main objective is to remediate all factors involved with the crime scene, this includes odor neutralization and stains. Our crime scene cleaner services are accepted by a wide range of different insurance providers, so we carry out thorough cleanings on a personalized basis.


We offer 24hr crime scene clean up so you never have to wait for your property to be rid of all potential contaminants. If you would like a quote on our crime scene cleaning services, simply fill out the contact form or give us a call for immediate assistance. Our services are available to all commercial and residential property owners located in Loxahatchee, FL.


Rescue Clean 911 proudly offers 24 Hour Emergency Services. Contact us today for immediate response. Our team of professionals will be sure to restore your property to a clean and healthy condition!


Suicide Cleanup and Removal Services in Loxahatchee

Suicide Cleanup

Rescue Clean 911 is made up of a full team ready for any suicide emergency clean ups in Loxahatchee FL. We are ready for immediate response to all clean ups and removal situations due to any tragedy such as suicide. Here at Rescue Clean 911 we have the training and experience to handle any suicide cleanup that may unfortunately arise. Without the proper experience, these cleanups can lead to serious physical and psychological problems down the road. This is why we are proud to assist families during these hard times by offering proper handling and suicide cleanup services.

The fully trained and licensed professionals at Rescue Clean 911 always follow strict guidelines in order to ensure each cleanup is completed in the correct manner. This includes proper decontamination of the area as well as proper thorough cleaning of the specific area. Our professionals are also trained to handle situations that may arise with present family members or friends that may still be in the area that the suicide cleanup must be done. This helps comfort family members and friends, as well as eliminates certain reminders that may exist as time progresses.Once our team has fully completed the suicide cleanup, our professionals with then begin with one of the most important services that we offer, the restoration phase. In the restoration phase, our technicians will fully restore and clean any and all sentimental items and possessions that may have been affected during the event. This is a mandatory service that we offer because it greatly helps family members throughout the grieving process. Due to the nature of suicides, it is possible for biohazard contamination to exist in areas of the event that may not be visible to the naked eye. This is why Rescue Clean 911 is here to provide a detailing cleaning of the area to ensure all traces of these elements are removed from the affected areas.

Suicide cleanups are accompanied by great amounts of grief and stress, which often makes them unbearable. This is where Resume Clean 911 is here to help. Contact our team of professionals today to ensure any affected areas are fully cleaned and to ensure all suicide cleanup duties are being handled. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any question you may have.

Rescue Clean 911 proudly offers 24 Hour Emergency Services. Contact us today for immediate response. Our team of professionals will be sure to restore your property to a clean and healthy condition!

Water Damage Restoration, Extraction, and Removal Services in Loxahatchee

Water Damage Restoration

The unincorporated community of Loxahatchee is a quiet community with a lot of land. Just twelve miles from the beach, more than 25 thousand people call Loxahatchee home. Homeowners everywhere face the possibility of flood damage due to a leak or plumbing disaster. Still, the climate in Loxahatchee may also lead you to need professional water damage restoration in Loxahatchee, FL. Whether you are experiencing water damage caused by hurricanes, natural flooding disasters, or a leak in your home, Rescue Clean 911 has got you covered.

With more than a decade of experience in mold removal services and water damage repair, Rescue Clean 911 is the leader in water damage restoration in Loxahatchee and mold remediation in Loxahatchee. Without immediate remediation, floods and leaks can damage the structure, foundation, and integrity of your home, cause a persistent mildew smell, and encourage the growth of dangerous mold spores. This is why it is critical that you hire the most experienced and top-rated Loxahatchee water damage company, Rescue Clean 911.

Treating and thoroughly drying your furniture and carpets immediately helps decrease the chances that mold microbial growth will start. Personal property will also have a good chance of surviving a flood if everything is dried immediately. This includes drying out any walls that were in a water damaged area. Rescue Clean 911 is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for Loxahatchee water damage restoration. We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to repairing water damage in your home and fully restoring your home to a safe environment for you and your family to return to.

Rescue Clean 911 offers free on-site estimates on all of our services, including mold removal in Loxahatchee and water damage restoration in Loxahatchee, FL. One of our licensed and certified remediation specialists will explain the damage and guide you step by step through the process of the water removal and restoration process so you’ll know exactly what to expect. Our goal is to provide you with the emergency services you need and superior customer support, to alleviate the stress and uncertainty that comes when you need water damage restoration in Loxahatchee, FL, or Loxahatchee mold removal.

The team at Rescue Clean 911 is certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification and the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors. Our bonded and insured cleaning and remediation technicians are highly trained and experienced in the detection, clean-up, removal, and prevention of mold in residential and commercial buildings. Mold is a serious problem that can have disastrous effects on both your health and your property. Mold remediation is the best way to deal with it quickly and effectively so that you can rest assured the problem is fully solved. Rescue Clean 911 is the leader in mold removal in Loxahatchee.



Fire Damage Restoration, Extraction, and Removal Services in Loxahatchee

Fire Damage Restoration

The aftermath of a fire, whether at your home or a commercial property, requires immediate support. Cleanup is not a process you have to handle on your own, and even though the fire is put out, there is typically damage, debris, and pathogens that cannot be easily seen that could lead to complications over time. 

Rescue Clean 911 is the company to trust for fire damage restoration in Loxahatchee. We manage the repair and restoration process with safety, efficiency, and empathy for any lost possessions or stress you experience as a result of the fire.

Some of the most common problems associated with fire will include:

  • Soot – Soot results from materials that could not burn, like plastics, and consists of tiny particles that are far smaller than the average dust particle. The soot settles on surfaces after the fire where its microscopic size enables it to fall into crevices and holes in all the materials around the property. Soot will erode the surfaces it lands on, short out appliances and electronics, and cause irritation with skin or lungs.
  • VOCs – Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a gas that comes off of items in your household such as cleaning products, plastics, paints, and other substances. While some VOCs are always present, burning during a fire can release extremely unhealthy amounts of VOCs and other chemical compounds into the air where inhaling them or coming into skin contact can be dangerous.
  • Water – Putting out a fire can require hundreds of gallons of water which soak through your walls, floors, and furniture. We extract the water and dry out any surface that has absorbed moisture. Handling water quickly prevents additional damage beyond what was caused by the fire, as well as the damage that can result from water such as mold and bacteria spread.
  • Ash – Unlike soot, ash results from items that did burn. These are usually organic materials like non-polyester fabrics, untreated woods, papers, and similar objects. The ash can leave a fine layer of dust that produces an odor and is irritating when inhaled.
  • Charred Possessions – Any items that have been charred or exposed to soot must often be disposed of. Some can be clean depending on what they are. We go over what may be dangerous, and focus on keeping and restoring everything that we can.
  • Structural Damage – Fire that has scorched walls, floors, finishes, ceilings, and other parts of your home can damage them structurally as well as cosmetically. We assess the damage done and replace any portions of the structure that cannot be cleaned or are no longer completely stable.
  • Odors – Soot, ash, and smoke will cling to your property long past the fire, creating unpleasant and near-permanent smells. Removing odors requires eliminating both the soot and ash that cause them as well as the neutralizing scents with our equipment and cleaning solutions.

These can result from a fire that is large or small. The evidence of fire may not be limited only to the room(s) where the fire occurred. During a fire, the extreme heat causes air to shift, carrying smoke and ash into rooms without flames where the temperature is cooler. This requires fire damage restoration to span the entire property, even for a small localized fire.

Our fire damage remediation in Loxahatchee is full service, meaning we can repair and restore any of the problems caused by a fire, including the water damage. We can also help you from start to finish, coming in as soon as firefighters are done, or later on at a time more convenient. 

Regardless of where you are in the process, fire damage restoration is not something you want to attempt on your own. The unseen dangers often reveal more health risks and necessary clean up than is initially apparent. Rescue Clean 911 can be your trusted partner, identifying and managing cleanup so you can focus on getting your home or business back to normal.

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