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Mold Remediation and Removal Services in Palm Springs


Any property is at risk for mold in Palm Springs. Homes, condos, apartments, businesses – a little bit of prolonged water in any of these properties provides an environment for mold to grow. This fast growing fungus will quickly spread once it is established, increasing the risk of those living or working on the property. 

Despite the prevalence of mold, it is not a substance that is easy to clean. Mold eats away at the surface it grows on, resulting in a significant portion of a mold infestation existing out of sight and out of reach. Cleaning mold will also disturb spores and cast them into the air where they can be inhaled by those without safety equipment and spread to other surfaces. 

These risks are what make it important to use a professional mold remediation service like Rescue Clean 911 whenever you have visible mold on your property. We remove mold in Palm Springs with the power of technology, advanced cleaners, detergents, and advanced techniques.

Our technology and proven strategies are used throughout our mold remediation process alongside advanced safety procedures. While the process will vary depending on the type of property and the amount of mold, it often involves:

  • Inspection – In addition to looking for the signs of mold, moisture meters and air monitoring equipment allows us to pinpoint mold.
  • Removal – All visible mold needs to be removed, although the method varies for different surfaces. Wood and nonporous surfaces are generally cleaned with detergents. Fabrics, drywall, leathers, and papers most often have to be thrown away.
  • Cleaning – If the mold infestation was significant, other surfaces and the air may need  to be cleaned with HEPA vacuums, air filtration, and other equipment to remove invisible spores.
  • Deodorization – The musty odor of mold can create a long lasting smell. Deodorizers can help. They both hide and eliminate smells so that the home smells as safe as it is.

Remediating mold in Palm Springs eliminates the mold itself. Restoration services repair these damages. We can replace drywall in walls and ceilings, lay down flooring, repaint, and more until your property is fully restored.



Biohazard Cleanup and Removal Services in Palm Springs


For biohazard clean up in Palm Springs, it is important to turn to experienced professionals. Rescue Clean 911 is a certified biohazard remediation company that handles removal, cleaning, and restoration after any incident.

When faced with a type of biohazard, thorough cleanup is critical to prevent any future challenges, such as:

  • Health Risks – Blood and bodily fluids can contain pathogens like hepatitis and HIV. Other biological material may contain bacteria and other disease causing agents. These microbes aren’t simply gone once the blood and tissue is removed, as they can become trapped in cracks and holes. Our sanitization services ensure all pathogens are removed.
  • Property Damage – Bodily fluids, sewage, and the decomposition during an unattended death can deteriorate any adjacent parts of the property, including belongings and structural elements. With cleaning, restoration, or replacement, we can have any sustained damage on a property repaired.
  • Trauma Reminders – The sight of blood, odors, and other signs are harrowing reminders if the biohazard is a result of injury or death. Relying on Rescue Clean 911 to manage clean up allows you needed space from the trauma and guarantees any reminders are completely removed.

Our 24/7 biohazard clean up services in Palm Springs provide help when you need it with a team that is patient, transparent, and compassionate to the situation. 


Hoarding Cleanup and Removal Services in Palm Springs


Rescue Clean 911’s hoarding clean up in Palm Springs gives you a trusted partner in cleaning and restoring a property impacted by hoarding. During hoarding clean up, we address all of the challenges that result from the hoarding including:

  • Excessive Clutter – Items that block living areas and exits and inhibit the ability to move around a residence are at the basis of hoarding.
  • Fecal Matter – Pets, clogged plumbing, and other maintenance lapses can result in hazardous fecal waste and other materials hidden among the clutter that can spread bacteria and odors.
  • Pests and Animal Remains – Hoarding properties generally have food or crumbs left out that attract wildlife, as well as plenty of hiding space for pests. Pest animals that die on the property cause odors and can lead to disease. 
  • Broken Appliances – Lack of maintenance and overcrowding often leads to broken electronics and damage to plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and other systems.
  • Structural Damage – Stress, water, mold, and irregular upkeep can harm the underlying structure in a hoarding situation.

If hoarding has resulted in other forms of damage or challenges on a property, we have all of the cleaning, repair, and restoration techniques needed to correct them and leave a home in perfect condition.



Crime Scene Cleanup and Removal Services in Palm Springs

Crime Scene Clean Up

A crime that occurs on your property is frightening and clean up, while necessary, is a psychologically intense process. Especially if the crime involved a loved one, clean up after a violent crime is not something the average Palm Springs property owner is prepared to handle.

At Rescue Clean 911, we are trained to handle every aspect of crime scene clean up in Palm Springs. From the disposing of biohazardous materials to the repair of physical damage to the emotional implications of clean up on our team and the family, we provide the support property owners need at every step of the process.

Our 24/7 service enables us to be on site within one to two hours after your call so that we can begin crime scene clean up as soon as the scene is released by authorities. This limits the dangers posed by blood, tissue, bodily fluids, drug residue, and other debris after a violent crime. It also removes the signs of a crime quickly so that your family, employees, and others on the property can move on.


Suicide Cleanup and Removal Services in Palm Springs

Suicide Cleanup

After a suicide, family and friends begin the process of coping and rebuilding. One of the first steps in this process needs to be suicide clean up, if any blood or bodily fluids remain on the property where the suicide occurred. This clean up is important to remove biological hazards and potentially painful reminders of the event. 

Rescue Clean 911 cleans and restores residential and commercial properties after a suicide in Palm Springs. Our cleaning professionals are trained in the leading cleaning techniques while approaching every project with respect and understanding.

During suicide clean up in Palm Springs, we seek out and remove any material that could contain bacteria or other germs. This includes:

  • Blood and Bodily Fluids
  • Contaminated Clothing
  • Contaminated Furniture
  • Needles, Razors, and Other Items

Not all of these will be easily apparent, as different fluids may have dried and become less visible. We use our own experience and advanced monitoring equipment to find debris.

The process is conducted in accordance with all federal, state, and industry standards for managing biohazard materials so that you can be assured that the home you return to is clean and safe.

Water Damage Restoration, Extraction, and Removal Services in Palm Springs

Water Damage Restoration

If faced with flooding or continuous moisture on your property, it is typically not safe to wait for the surface to dry. Every hour of exposure to water results in additional damage and additional risks. 

Rescue Clean 911 works fast to provide water damage repair in Palm Springs. We provide 24 hour emergency service to respond immediately to flooding, and can start the restoration process as soon as you notice the issue.

Water damage in Palm Springs can be caused by a variety of events including:

  • Damaged Pipes – Old or rusted pipes can develop leaks that drip water over time or burst in the right conditions, flooding a property in a few minutes.
  • Structural Damage – Roofs or siding with holes, damaged sealing around doors and windows, and other openings can let in rainwater.
  • Appliances – Dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators can have both water supply lines and drainage. If either is faulty or a seal breaks, you may have flooding in your kitchen or utility room.
  • Backed Up Plumbing – A clogged toilet or sink can overflow, leaving water potentially containing biohazard material flooding onto the floor. 
  • Sewage Backups – Similarly, when a sewage system is clogged or working improperly, it may spew the contaminants throughout a property, resulting in dangerous pathogens. 
  • Condensation – HVAC systems or poor ventilation can lead to a buildup of condensation. When the surface cannot adequately dry, condensation causes an ongoing problem.
  • Storms – Heavy rains and hurricanes are not uncommon in South Florida, and a storm surge that raises outdoor water levels can flood local properties.

Some of these result in immediate flooding, often with standing water that can harbor bacteria and will often not evaporate on its own. Here in Palm Springs, our higher humidity can make it even more of a challenge. 

Flooding is the most urgent issue, but gradual leaks and condensation can result in more gradual water damage that builds up over time to result in physical and cosmetic damage while bringing up other concerns like mold. Both kinds of water damage can require professional attention.

Our 24 hour water damage repair service first prioritizes stopping the source of the water so that we can stop the flooding. Then we start the repair process. Drying the area as quickly as possible is important as it prevents further absorption of water that can cause damage and spread pathogens. 

Even after the area is dry, staining, bacteria, and odors may be left behind. We use different cleaning procedures to remove germs and dirt that are trapped in the surfaces around your property causing stains and odors.

We also restore any parts of the property that have been permanently damaged by contact with water, preserving the value and appearance of your home or business.



Fire Damage Restoration, Extraction, and Removal Services in Palm Springs

Fire Damage Restoration

A fire can be a devastating event at Palm Springs property. In addition to the damage done during the time the fire is active, the resulting debris from even a small fire can continue to cause damage and health problems for months if not cleaned up properly.

This is why professional fire damage restoration is important. Our team at Rescue Clean 911 can identify and mitigate every danger while taking the stress of clean up away from you. For our fire damage clean up in Palm Springs, our process includes:

  • Check for Structural Damage – We want to be sure that it is safe to enter the property after a fire. If any areas are unsound, those need to be addressed first.
  • Secure the Property – Boarding up windows and doors and tarping over any holes will keep out people, animals, and weather during cleanup.
  • Extract Water – We use water removal and drying equipment to speed the process of evaporating all the water from firefighting or sprinklers before it can cause additional damage.
  • Remove Damaged Items – Possessions that have been burnt or contaminated with soot must be disposed of.
  • Clean Surfaces – We use special cleaners to remove smoke, soot, ash, and chemical residue that is left behind on walls, ceilings, belongings, and floors after a fire.
  • Restoration – Wherever the fire caused permanent damage, we replace the damaged elements of the property we removed, leaving no evidence of the fire behind.

Our fire damage restoration can work with properties of all sizes, and we have solutions for both residential and commercial properties that get both back to normal quickly.

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