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Just like any other part of a property, air ducts can be prone to buildup and damage. It may be minor buildup like dust or oil or something more dangerous – such as a pest infestation or mold.

Because most of the breathable air inside your home passes through these ducts, dirty air ducts can cause breathing issues.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services

If you’re concerned about the state of your air ducts throughout your property, contact Rescue Clean 911 today.

Based in South Florida, Rescue Clean 911 provides thorough and complete duct cleaning services throughout Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and all the different cities and towns in the region.

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We have excellent customer service. All our staffs are knowledgeable of both air ducts and AC systems, HVAC equipment. We are able to provide you with a thorough clean at a great price.

We can also provide large-scale cleanup and remediation of mold, water damage, and other issues that may be affected by the air duct system.

Learn more about our services, or call us at 833-253-2699 if you need help.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

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air duct cleaning services

Rescue Clean 911 is a disaster cleanup and restoration company for both commercial and residential properties.

We are able to address any type of dirt, debris, or damage no matter how minor or severe.

While many times our services are focused on obvious issues such as fire damage or water damage repair, we are also experts in cleaning parts of the property that you may not see.

That is where our duct system cleaning services come into play.

Best Duct Cleaner In South Florida

We have the equipment, experience, and knowledge needed to clean any type of air duct for improved indoor air quality of your home living space.

Trustworthy and Honest Service Company

We provide open service with honest assessments, and will always let you know if repair is necessary or possible depending on our inspection.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are always transparent and priced competitively with no high-pressure sales or price gouging.

When you a company for cleaning ducts, Rescue Clean 911 will be there to restore your air ducts and your peace of mind.

Best Air Duct Cleaning Near Me

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

air duct cleaning services

In every home is a heating and cooling system that moves air throughout the property. When the air conditioner itself is turned on, the air is cooled as it moves through the central AC unit – although most ACs are equipped with return air ducts that will cycle air even if the air conditioner itself is off.

Heating and cooling systems are also equipped with air filters that are designed to prevent some household dust and debris from moving throughout your property. But air filters cannot protect against all forms of buildup.

This is just one of the reasons why you need to get your air ducts cleaned regularly. Collecting inside the duct system may be particles that include:

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Hair

In small amounts, these particles may or may not lead to allergens, asthma, or other breathing issues. Duct systems that have a minor amount of dust and similar buildup may not need to be cleaned right away. But many people feel that having their air ducts cleaned improves indoor air quality, and they’re not wrong.

But there are also issues that are more problematic. These are issues that have the potential to cause significant health issues or property damage if they’re not treated quickly. These include:


Mold is especially dangerous. Even a small amount of mold inside of your air ducts can spread potentially toxic mold spores throughout a property.

Even if the mold itself isn’t toxic, it can spread all around a property and lead to significant amounts of property damage and decay.

Rodent/Insect/Animal Invasions

There are also issues with animal and pest invasions, like rats and cockroaches. If these are inside of your property they can spread allergens, bacteria, and more. Pest invasions also need to be dealt with quickly, to prevent spreading pathogens and to control other issues with pests.

Significant Buildup of Dust and Other Particles

Finally, while the choice to consider air duct cleaning services is up to the property owner, large-scale buildup can become more problematic. It can stop the air ducts from working, spread potentially unhealthy particles, and more.

No matter the problem with your air ducts, it is highly recommended that proper cleaning be provided by a professional – especially if the ducts may have harmful pathogens.

How Does Cleaning Work?

air ducts cleaned

Cleaning forced air systems requires different approaches depending on many factors. The type of ducts, their location/accessibility, and the type of buildup or pathogens factors in the type of duct cleaning service you may need.

Rescue Clean 911 will assess the state of the air ducts first before engaging in any cleaning. We will also consult with you on the estimated duct cleaning costs before we start anything.

Because there are many different ways to clean air ducts, the exact methods we use may be different from what is described here. That said, some of the more common ways to clear away air ducts include:

  • Vacuuming – When possible, air duct cleaning starts by using special tools to break apart the buildup within the ducts. And then threading a vacuum inside of the air duct to vacuum away all the debris. This is useful when the goal is to clear away excessive buildup of household dust and other less harmful pathogens.
  • Sanitation/Mold Biocides – When there is reason to believe that there are pathogens inside of the ducts, we make recommend different types of duct cleaners or biocides. This is to eliminate the pathogens completely and kill off any remaining contaminants.
  • Sealants, and More – Although less common in air ducts than other mold remediation services, there are situations when an area of mold cannot be easily cleaned, but removal is also not possible or not recommended. In those cases, we may recommend encapsulating the area using special sealants to prevent the mold from spreading.

These are only a few of the approaches that we can use to clean your air ducts. In addition, we believe in taking a conservative approach whenever possible to save you time and money.

But there are some situations when an air duct cannot be cleaned, or when the cost to replace the duct is less than the cost to clean it. When that happens, we’ll let you know well in advance, explain the issue in full, and wait until you provide us with your approval before moving forward.

No matter what approach we take or what type of damage there is, Rescue Clean 911 is always ready and happy to help. We can even provide 24-hour emergency duct cleaning services if air duct cleaning is needed urgently.

Why Choose our Air Duct Cleaning?

duct cleaning companies

There are some duct cleaning companies that only clean air ducts. There are others that work only with AC systems, and provide duct cleaning as part of their services. Rescue Clean 911 is a little different.

We are able to provide more than just air duct cleaning. While we thoroughly understand what these ducts need as well as any other air duct restoration service, we are able to offer other benefits that other companies cannot provide, including:

  • Capable Of Handling Dangerous Pathogens Safely – We are equipped to handle biohazards and other harmful agents in ways that exceed EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines and recommendations. Because we thoroughly understand the science of the materials we work with, we know how to keep you and your family safe.
  • Able To Rebuild And Restore Any Removed Components Of The Property – There are situations when we will need access to difficult-to-reach supply vents. We may have to demolish some parts of the property. Some cleaning companies are unable to repair the parts of the property they remove and task the property owner with finding a contractor. We can do all of this ourselves, so your property is never left incomplete.
  • Can Provide Supplementary Services, Like Mold Removal – Air ducts are not always the only problem. There may be other issues that relate to the work being completed, such as mold growth. Because we can do more than just air ducts, we can assist there as well, and provide mold remediation or other services required to get your property back in working order.

Part of cleaning air ducts also requires addressing the cause of the buildup. If the issue is related to your AC, then an AC service can fix it. But what if the issue is related to something else, such as moisture buildup or a leak on your property?

Only a company that is able to provide comprehensive restoration – one that understands every component of a property inside and out – is capable of handling every possible cause of dirty ducts.

In South Florida, that company is Rescue Clean 911.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning 

cooling coils and condensate drain pans

As air ducts in residential or commercial properties circulate air throughout the space for temperature control and ventilation, the heavier particles of dust and contaminants in the air slowly settle on the interior surface of the ducts.

Any disturbance can send these particles back into the air where the HVAC system quickly disperses them throughout the rest of the property.

If the issue is related to contamination, such as a rodent infestation or mold, the risks are even greater.

Cleaning the air ducts at your residential or commercial property offers many advantages that make it a useful choice for those with buildup in their ducts. Some of the possible benefits of cleaning air ducts, depending on the contamination, may include:

  • Removes Airborne Particles – Contaminants in air ducts can consist of pollen, pollutants, bacteria, and molds that can lead to allergies and serious health concerns. Even if your air ducts have only benign dust, that dust could trigger allergies and asthma in those that are sensitive to it. If there are more serious or toxic particles within the ducts, it could prevent more urgent health or property concerns.
  • Leads to a Cleaner Space – As dirty air circulates through space, it may eventually settle on surfaces throughout the property such as floors, furniture, tables and desk, shelves, and more. This can give surfaces and fabrics a gritty feeling and create unsightly dust, both of which require additional vent cleaning to maintain.
  • Reduces Odors – Many of the particles in air ducts trap scents that diffuse into your rooms whenever you are heating or cooling your property. Dust and mold will have a musty odor, but other smells like cigarette smoke, pet odors, chemicals, and cooking can continue to permeate a property for years after the trapped particles absorb the odors.
  • Improves Energy Efficiency – When air ducts are clogged, your HVAC system has to work harder to push air through the ducts. This means more energy is necessary to keep your home or business at a comfortable temperature. This results in an inefficient system that is more expensive to run and less eco-friendly.
  • Extends the Lifetime of Equipment – Debris makes HVAC systems work harder and can deteriorate air ducts more quickly. By keeping the ducts clean, your heating and cooling systems can run for longer before you need to repair or replace them. This leads to a long-term cost-saving that is advantageous for residential and commercial properties.
  • Reduces Damage to the Property – Some contaminants, especially mold growth, also have the ability to damage your property. We’re especially at risk here in our humid environment, where there are more opportunities for mold spores to find moist locations to grow. Vent cleaning that may have mold in them reduces the spread of spores.

duct cleaning service

In a commercial property, duct cleaning is key in providing a clean environment to your employees, customers, students, or office workers. Creating a clean and healthy space is necessary for a business’s professional reputation, but it can also benefit you financially. Improved air quality leads to healthier and more productive workers while you also save on energy costs and equipment.

These are also important advantages for residential properties. You and your family spend the majority of your time in your living space. You rely on your property to be welcoming and free from health risks. Air duct cleaning lets you be sure that there is no dangerous particulate matter in your HVAC system.


Air Duct Cleaning Costs

Air Duct Cleaning Services - Sneezing in your home

Signs You May Need Air Duct Cleaning 

Visual evidence of dirt is usually the sign that you need a duct cleaning service. But it is not always so simple with air ducts.

Most of the debris in ductwork is invisible and can collect over years without you noticing it. This often leads homeowners to wonder when the right time for air duct cleaning is.

Significant Dirt Buildup

For those who can remove air vents and do a visual inspection of the ductwork with a flashlight, significant amounts of interior dirt is a clear sign that it is time for cleaning.

Mold Growth

Any mold growth, whether inside the air ducts or around the vents, also requires immediate and professional attention.

Bad or Foul Odor

Even if you see no buildup of dust and debris in the interior of your air ducts, that does not always mean that the system is clean. There are many parts of your duct layout that might not be easily reachable but can still harbor dust.

If you do not see dirt on the insides of your air ducts or you cannot access your ductwork to check, these signs can still indicate that your need air duct cleaning:

  • Increased Allergy Symptoms – Since many of the contaminants in air ducts are allergens, dirty air ducts put you at risk. These can include increased sneezing, coughing, difficulty breathing, itchy eyes, and respiratory tract irritation that has no apparent cause.
  • Symptoms of Mold Exposure – Ongoing exposure to mold can cause symptoms that are similar to allergies or the common cold, but never get better. Frequent tiredness, rashes, and headaches are all signs of contact with mold spores in the air. If you have these symptoms without explanation, your HVAC system may be the cause.
  • Odors When Running HVAC – An odor that permeates your home or commercial property every time you run your HVAC system can indicate dirty air ducts. Smells that are coming from your ductwork will often intensify as you get close to the air vents.
  • Vents Are Emitting Dust – If turning on your heating or cooling system causes dust to blow into the air from the vents, that is a clear sign that there is dust in the system. Along with mold, vents that are releasing visible particles into the air are an urgent concern.
  • Bugs Are Flying Around Vents – Bugs hovering around registers or flying into vents may mean they are nesting in the air ducts. You are dealing with a pest infestation. With air duct cleaning, we can remove any pests living inside the ductwork.
  • Efficiency Decreases – If you notice that it is taking longer for your property to reach the desired temperature, the buildup of dirt may be clogging a duct. This is especially likely if you are sure there is no other maintenance needed on your thermostat or HVAC unit.

Some of these signs, such as allergies and odors, may come on so slowly that you do not notice them.

For this reason, it is best to get a professional air duct cleaner if you haven’t in the last 10 years. This protects your HVAC system and your health.

Risks of DIY Air Duct Cleaning

duct cleaning air quality

While many duct cleaning projects can be managed by the property owner, air duct cleaning should be left to professionals.

The risks of DIY duct cleaning are significant for even the most experienced DIYers. These risks include:

  • Health Risks – The contaminants in your air ducts may include mold spores, mildew, animal droppings, and bacteria. Coming into close contact with any of these can lead to illness, and DIY cleaning will increase the chances of breathing in particulates. You may also accidentally disturb these particles, spreading them throughout a home. As professional duct cleaners, we use the appropriate personal protective equipment to keep ourselves safe from any airborne pathogens.
  • Delicate Ductwork – Air ducts are susceptible to wear and tear. If you accidentally puncture a hole in cooling coils, the leak could result in higher energy bills and further spread of contaminants.
  • Improper Tools – A major risk during air duct cleaning is disturbing the collected dust and releasing it into the air. We use high-powered vacuums that will suck up dust on surfaces and the nearby air without letting it escape. A household vacuum or attempting to clean by hand will put more dirt in the air than there was before duct cleaning.
  • Unreachable Areas – The grime is not limited to only the areas you can easily reach, but without cleaning the entire system, you cannot eliminate health problems and discomfort. Instead, dust from contaminated areas will quickly blow back into the areas you have recently cleaned.

Without the proper training, experience, and tools, you can cause damage to your ductwork and make the condition worse. DIY ductwork cleaning can also leave you with an incomplete clean that still requires duct cleaner assistance to fix later.

  • Technicians with Rescue Clean 911 have received extensive training in crime scene cleanup. All of which are OSHA-approved and completely safe for you and your family.
  • We have specialized training in the detection and removal of bio-hazardous materials.
  • Rescue Clean 911 works with several different insurance companies.
  • If insurance covers the cost of our services, the only payment required from you will be your policy deductible.
  • If insurance coverage is not available, we do offer flexible duct cleaning costs.
  • We provide service to the entire South Florida area including Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, St. Lucie, and Martin county.

Technicians with Rescue Clean 911 have received extensive training in crime scene cleanup and in the use of various chemicals, all of which are OSHA approved and completely safe to you and your family.

In conjunction with specialized training in the detection and removal of bio-hazardous materials, our technicians will restore your house or place of business to a safe environment.

Rescue Clean 911 works with several different insurance companies, therefore we are often able to bill your insurance company directly.

If insurance covers the cost of our services, the only payment required from you will be your policy deductible.

If insurance coverage is not available, we do offer several different payment plans, which generally suit most budgets.

We provide service to the entire South Florida area including Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, St. Lucie, and Martin county.

Why Choose Rescue Clean 911 for Duct Cleaning?

cooling system components

Rescue Clean 911 provides the most thorough and safe clean available for any type of damage on any type of property. We’re known for our work with water damage restoration, fire damage repair, mold remediation, and even biohazard/crime scene cleanup.

Our air duct cleaner service is a part of that same commitment and expertise that we use to safely and thoroughly clean away any form of damage. You’re getting a team that:

  • Understands all safety protocols and follows them to the letter.
  • Comes licensed, insured, and bonded.
  • Is capable of providing 100% of the services to your heating and cooling system, not just air duct cleaning service.

We always show up to our appointments. We offer 24/7 service for emergencies and can come after hours at more convenient times when needed. The cost for our service is competitive. We use fair pricing software to show you that you’re receiving a fair estimate.

You’re also getting a team that cares. Rescue Clean 911 was started by Nick Massimino, a firefighter, paramedic, and registered nurse. He wanted to create a damage restoration company that would genuinely help people during their time of need.

Rescue Clean 911 was built upon the idea that restoration and deep cleaning duct system are about more than the property. They’re about helping relieve the stress and health risks of those that live and work there.

That’s why everything we do at Rescue Clean 911 is completed transparently, openly, and thoroughly. We want you to know that the work we’re doing is of the highest quality. Once we’re done, the problem you had is solved.


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Your ducts can affect the quality of the air you breathe. At Rescue Clean 911, we want to make sure that the air you’re breathing is as safe as we can.

If your heating and cooling system is causing problems, or it’s time to get them cleaned, contact us at any time to get started.

We serve the entire South Florida region, including Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Miami, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, and beyond. We have a mobile team that is able to come fast to help you with your project.

Now, that you have your answer to your question about the “best air duct cleaning near me,” feel free to contact us at 833-253-2699.

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