While many companies consider only the use of proper chemicals as an adequate green cleaning program, at Rescue Clean 911, LLC we have created an entire process that consists of policies, procedures and training. Green Cleaning is the process by which standard and advanced cleaning procedures utilize environmentally friendly chemicals that promote health and protection of the environment. While the use of proper products in green cleaning is vital, the core of our program is to provide our clients with an in-depth and comprehensive cleaning experience, while minimizing the impact on health and the environment. The management team and technicians of Rescue Clean 911 understand that life, work, kids and a wide range of other situations may prevent you from keeping your house as clean as you and your family would like.

We understand that you are not a hoarder and your house does not fall under the category of “Gross Filth”. We understand that you probably once kept a very clean home and in the future you may have more time to tend to cleaning chores. But right now, at this very moment, your home needs some attention that you just don’t have time to give it.
Rescue Clean 911 and its staff of professional and trained technicians have been at the forefront of extreme cleaning. While most standard cleaning companies tackle dust and spider webs, we routinely deal with the unexpected and the dangerous. While most standard cleaning companies sweep and wipe surfaces, we search for traces of microscopic particles and fill dumpsters with debris. On a daily basis, our technicians are challenged to restore crime and trauma related scenes to a pre-incident condition. Our technicians have restored condemned homes to habitable conditions and rid other homes of infectious diseases, rodents and feces. Day after day, our technicians are faced with the worst possible scenarios, yet succeed without fail.

While your home may not require every service we offer, we have the experience, knowledge and stamina to make your home shine. Whether your home has sat vacant for an extended period of time, is covered in animal feces or has large amounts of trash from wall to wall, WE CAN HELP!

If you simply need everything in your home boxed up, WE CAN HELP! If you need your home or attic thoroughly cleaned, WE CAN HELP! If you live in a dusty area and want every inch of your home wiped down and disinfected, WE CAN HELP!

Rescue Clean 911 works with several different insurance companies, therefore we are often able to bill your insurance company directly.

Please call us today to discuss your home cleaning needs. You will not be charged for your request for help or advice. Our staff is caring, compassionate and discreet.

Unless required by a court of law, we will never discuss your situation with a third party. Rescue Clean 911 works with several different insurance companies, therefore we are often able to bill your insurance company directly.

If insurance covers the cost of our services, the only payment required from you will be your policy deductible. If insurance coverage is not available, we do offer several different payment plans, which generally suit most budgets.