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We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Our technicians are IICRC and NORMI certified in biohazard clean up, mold remediation, mold removal, water damage restoration, and fire remediation.

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Rescue Clean 911 is a professional Bio-Hazard, Mold, Water, Smoke, and Fire Remediation Company located in palm beach county : including west palm beach, boca raton, delray and coral springs. We focus on mold removal, mold remediation wellington and water damage restoration services.

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Our technicians are IICRC and NORMI certified in biohazard clean up, mold remediation, mold removal, water damage restoration, and fire remediation. Our specialty cleaning services have helped individuals with hoarding, odor neutralization, animal infestations, and green cleans. The chemicals that we use are non-toxic for your family, pets, and the environment we live in, we use only the safest chemicals with our remediation process.

So glad I called Rescue Clean 911! They helped me with everything from dealing with the insurance company to keeping in touch with me on a daily basis and letting me know every step of the process. They were so helpful and kept my stress levels down during my mold remediation. If you need mold removal guys, these are the guys to call!
Jennifer Mortensen

Mold Remediation – Protect Your Family and Property against Dangerous Mold Growth

In today’s world, mold remediation companies have become more important than ever. It may seem an unnecessary expense to hire mold remediation professionals, but mold growth has increased in your house over the years. Mold testing is a great way to prevent major mold outbreaks that could cause damage to your house. It can be hard to find a West Palm Beach mold remediation firm that performs extensive mold testing.

Advanced Technology and Equipment for Mold Removal in Wellington

Mold infestations of any size can be difficult to remove on your own. This is because the mold that exists on the surface is often only a portion of all the mold on the property. The rest of mold may grow behind walls or ceilings or below your home in a crawl space. Wiping away the mold you can see leaves behind the invisible spores that will simply grow back.

Removing mold successfully isn’t just a matter of locating the entire infestation either. The removal process can disturb the spores, knocking them into the air and requiring protective equipment to avoid breathing them in or spreading them to other parts of the property.

Rescue Clean 911 handles all these challenges posed by mold – identification, protection, and removal – with state of the art technology and equipment. We have invested and trained in the latest methods for mold remediation so that we can guarantee mold removal.

To restore your home after mold, we use the following process:

  • Prevent Contamination – We turn off HVAC systems, seal off the impacted area from other spaces, and set up decontamination rooms if necessary, to prevent the spread of any spores released during remediation.
  • Dispose of Molded Items – Once mold has set in, most infested items must be disposed of with the proper procedures. We seal them, package them, and remove them to a disposal partner.
  • Encapsulate Remaining Mold – If an area of mold cannot be removed, we use a process called encapsulation to seal the spores in place with special sealants and paint.
  • Clean Air and Surfaces – We remove toxic mold that remain on your property with different technology depending on the type of spores and their location.
  • Monitor Air Quality – After an infestation, we ensure the concentration of spores in the air is returned to a healthy level before we consider the property clean.
  • Repair and Restore – Any removed materials or structural damage can now be repaired to its previous condition.

We also determine the cause of the water that enabled the mold to grow, fixing any pipes, leaks, or condensation build ups by increasing nearby ventilation. Fixing the underlying reason for mold and giving you preventative techniques to limit mold growth in the future can keep mold away from your property indefinitely.

Give us a call 24/7 at 561-621-2654 or use our online form to get rid of mold in Wellington, FL fast.

Hazards of Mold on Your Property

Mold is in the air all around us. The term refers to various types of fungus that grow and spread naturally in nature, where it is part of the decomposition process for organic materials. It breaks down the cellular components of decaying matter, and essentially restores the minerals back to earth.

The fungus is composed of tiny spores that break off from the main growth to float through the air. Most mold spores will waste away, but when they land on another surface that provides moisture and a food source, they establish a new infestation and begin to grow. Both residential and commercial properties are made up of many organic materials, including the drywall and wood beams. If there is a source of ongoing moisture in any of these materials, the mold spores can take hold, grow, and spread.

These spores can also be inhaled or ingested by those people in proximity to the mold. Breathing in a few spores every once in a while is typically not harmful, but prolonged exposure to mold growing inside your home can lead to allergies, asthma, and other illnesses – especially if that mold is producing toxic spores. Those who already suffer from allergies and respiratory issues will feel the effects first, although anyone can suffer symptoms if the mold infestation is aggressive enough.

Here in Wellington, many of the mold species in the area have the potential to be toxic and should always be approached with caution.

The so called “black mold” is not the only concern, as all types of mold can be hazardous including:

  • Grey Mold
  • Brown Mold
  • Green Mold
  • Pink Mold
  • Red Mold
  • Yellow Mold, and More

The risk of property damage from mold species is another concern. In nature, mold plays an important role in breaking down organic materials. In your home, it will do the same if allowed to grow for long enough. Mold can eat away at wood, wallpaper, drywall, carpets, and other items in your home, leading to permanent and irreparable damage. In addition, disturbing these parts of the property can spread mold even further, leading to worse mold problems over time.

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Rescue Clean 911 is certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI).

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