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There is nothing as destructive as fire, and the damage it leaves behind is often devastating. When you’ve experienced a fire on your commercial or residential property, finding someone that can address the damage is often urgent. 

At Rescue Clean 911, we understand how difficult it is to live through a fire. There’s the damage to the property, the emotional and physical toll, and often additional challenges such as hose water damage or, unfortunately, loss, that all needs to be addressed before it’s possible to start moving on.

We are a full service fire damage repair and restoration service. Based in South Florida and serving all throughout the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach region, Rescue Clean 911 works with both commercial and residential properties to help you start picking up the pieces mitigating the damage that fire left behind. 

Whether you experienced a fire throughout your house or there is a small kitchen fire that needs to be addressed, Rescue Clean 911 is available to address any of your fire damage repair needs. If you’re ready to get started, or you’d like to learn more about our services, please call us 24 hours a day at 833.CLEAN99 (833-253-2699). We know time is of critical importance, and we are available to help when you’re faced with a fire damage crisis.

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Why Choose Rescue Clean 911?

Rescue Clean 911 is a full service, customer-focused disaster restoration company. Founded by a firefighter and paramedic, we know firsthand the trauma and dangers associated with unattended deaths and biological decay. 

We have a team that is highly trained and experienced in this type of restoration, with the ability to address all of the potential challenges that come from decomposition. But beyond that, we also genuinely care. We know that the process for finding and cleaning up after an unattended death or biological contamination is stressful, and often sad. 

We treat you and your property with respect throughout the process, with the goal of reducing the difficulties that often come from this type of experience. Our team carries all relevant certifications, uses the latest in equipment, and is as thorough as we are efficient. We are:

  • Fully Licensed
  • Insured
  • Bonded

As a full service disaster restoration company, we are also able to assist with supplementary issues. For example, if there was any water damage, fire damage, smoke, human or animal waste, or other issues that need to be addressed, we can help there as well. Because we’re full service, we not only remove the contaminated items, but we can restore your property so that it is in like-new condition when we leave.

No one expects to face the challenges associated with decomposition. When you need support, Rescue Clean 911 will be there to help right away with 24 hour cleanup and the best possible prices and support. 

Our Safety Precautions and Standards During Decomposition Cleanup

The blood and bodily fluids that can be exposed during a death or accident can carry a range of pathogens. Since bacteria promote the decomposition process, there will also be bacteria present as well. Blood borne pathogens and bacteria can cause serious illnesses and infections if they are inhaled, ingested, or enter the bloodstream. Touching a contaminated surface or breathing in airborne particles during cleaning is a risk with biological material.

At Rescue Clean 911, our team practices the most stringent safety standards when dealing with biohazard material. Not all decomposition situations will contain infectious bacteria, but we treat each one as if it does. Our goal is to make sure that not only are we protecting ourselves, but we’re also protecting you and your property by making sure there is no inadvertent spread. 

We follow:

  • OSHA Guidelines – We follow all federal regulations regarding blood, tissue, bone, and remains. This includes using the right personal protective equipment for our team, cordoning off contaminated spaces, and using treatments that are safe and nontoxic.
  • Florida State Requirements – The state of Florida requires those who are handling, transporting, or disposing of biohazard material to carry the proper registration. This ensures that we are following the correct procedures while the remains are in our possession. We also worked with licensed disposal companies that can safely incinerate any material that could contain bacteria.
  • ANSI/IICRC S540 – The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification provides a range of industry standards for property cleaning, including a standard for trauma and crime scene cleanup. This includes the safest and most effective ways to clean biohazard contaminated properties.

In addition to being IICRC certified to handle death and trauma scenes, we use the other standards put forth by the IICRC for the most effective ways to clean the various materials in a home or business, such as carpet, hardwood, stone, and upholstery. Many of these can be damaged by nearby decomposition, so we seek to decontaminate them while also restoring the surface or item.

The Decomposition Process – Why Professional Cleanup is So Important

Decomposition is the natural process during which an organism’s cells deteriorate, eventually dissolving into basic elements. This occurs when bacteria and enzymes in the digestive system begin to break down tissues and cells, causing them to turn to liquid.

Liquid produced during the process will seep into the materials around the body, as will any blood that resulted from the accident. These fluids carry bacteria that contaminate surfaces in addition to causing staining and odors. Surfaces like wood, carpet, or even concrete will trap the bacteria in their pores – something that can itself be an ongoing health risk and source of property damage if not thoroughly cleaned.

The gases and chemical compounds produced by the bacteria are what causes the harsh odor during decomposition. Because the gases can quickly disperse through any microscopic holes, odors can soon be prevalent throughout the property. The spread of the gaseous particles will cause a long lasting odor. Bacteria can be airborne as well, giving it the opportunity to spread and lead to illness.

Insects also participate in the process by consuming decaying tissue. Small bugs can infest your property as they feed on remains, and these will need to be removed. 

The entire process is one that is visually disturbing and functionally complex. If a full cleaning is not performed, stains, smells, and bacteria will remain, continuing to create health hazards and potentially making the property uninhabitable for both health and psychological reasons.

Decomposition can begin only a few minutes after death, sometimes in less than five minutes. The effects become outwardly visible within a few days. How quickly the decomposition process goes from there depends on factors like temperature and ambient humidity, so the warm temperatures and humid conditions in South Florida generally cause remains to deteriorate faster than they would in other areas.

If a body has gone undiscovered for several days or weeks, the decomposition can be advanced. The risks to both health and property increase every day, as do the challenges involved in cleanup. This is why professional cleanup that can handle the problem as quickly as possible is important.

Types of Cleanup for Decomposition

The majority of decomposition cleanup occurs after a death on a property, although accidents that leave tissue or blood behind can also require cleanup, as can some animals on a property. As these contain organic cells, they will also decay and leave behind bacteria and odors.

We provide decomposition cleanup as part of many of our services where we restore a property after the aftermath of a death or trauma. These include:

Crime Scene Cleanup

After a violent crime, many scenes can contain blood, bone, tissue, bodily fluids, and remains. The decomposition process that starts within minutes after death means a body will have decayed somewhat no matter when it is found. Those that are subject to a long wait before removal (for example, if authorities are undergoing an investigation) often have even more risks.

Unattended Death Cleanup

This is one of the most common situations where decomposition cleanup is necessary in the Miami, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale area. When a single person living alone unexpectedly dies, it can be days or even months before they are discovered. During that time, the decomposition process will cause the body to deteriorate.

The long time period between death and discovery often results in the damage and odor being significant with an unattended death. We have worked with unattended death cleanup that have been subjected to both short term and long term decomposition timelines, and can remediate the most extensive damage.

Suicide Cleanup

Some suicide victims may qualify as an unattended death. Even those that are discovered shortly after death can still require decomposition cleanup as the process starts so quickly. Our suicide cleanup can remove any of the blood and tissue left by a suicide regardless of the state of decomposition it is in.


Because of the stigma surrounding hoarding, many people diagnosed with the disorder have a reclusive lifestyle. There may be time that passes after a person dies in a hoarding property before an outside party realizes the death has occurred. Hoarders are also more likely to have animals that pass away on a property and are not removed. 

The excessive clutter adds an additional complication to the cleanup process. More belongings provide more surfaces to become contaminated and hold unhealthy and odorous bacteria. Cleaning decomposition in this property requires removing biohazard material, hoarded belongings, and any structural damage as a result of either.

Accident Scene Cleanup

Any type of accident that results in blood and tissue can lead to decomposition even if there was no death. The accident can leave behind organic matter that will decay. The decomposition will be more minimal, but can still result in odors, stains, and blood borne pathogens. We can remove the material from interior and exterior settings, as well as the remaining signs of the accident.

24 Hour Emergency Cleanup for Death and Decomposition

When remains are discovered, it is important to begin cleanup as quickly as possible. There are several reasons for this. First, decomposition is a rapid process, and even a few hours can make a difference in our local climate. 

The longer the remains are in place also means more time for stains and odors to set in, fluids to soak through the floor beneath, and acids to eat away at paints, furniture, and surfaces. There is also more time for bacteria to spread and those nearby to be exposed.

There is also the psychological aspect. People generally do not want to spend extended time in the presence of a body, and one that has begun to decay is particularly hard to witness. Having an experienced professional on the scene as soon as possible can help you feel more at ease and reduce the trauma of the experience.

The need to work quickly with decomposition cleanup is why Rescue Clean 911 is a 24/7 death clean up company. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we are ready to initiate a cleanup process as soon as we have approval. As a company local to South Florida, we are able to arrive within 1 or 2 hours at any property in the area in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, St. Lucie & Martin County, and get to work right away.

Technicians with Rescue Clean 911 have received extensive training in crime scene cleanup and in the use of various chemicals, all of which are OSHA approved and completely safe to you and your family.

In conjunction with specialized training in the detection and removal of bio-hazardous materials, our technicians will restore your house or place of business to a safe environment.

Rescue Clean 911 works with several different insurance companies, therefore we are often able to bill your insurance company directly.

If insurance covers the cost of our services, the only payment required from you will be your policy deductible.

If insurance coverage is not available, we do offer several different payment plans, which generally suit most budgets.

We provide service to the entire South Florida area including Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, St. Lucie, and Martin county.

What We Clean During Decomposition Cleanup

As a body decomposes, it breaks down and causes different kinds of contamination in the area where it was. The type of materials that will need cleaned after decomposition include:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens – Blood from a wound can contain viruses like hepatitis or HIV and other bacteria that linger after a death. Coming into contact with a small bacteria can transmit illness. Blood can also cause staining on the surfaces it dries on. We remove even the particles that cannot be seen to better ensure the safety of those on the property. 
  • Bodily Fluids – Like blood, bodily fluids can contain pathogens and cause stains. Some can also deteriorate surfaces as they sit. Bodily fluids can result either from the initial accident or death, and they may be produced as a body decays. We make sure that these fluids are successfully disinfected and sanitized, eliminating any potential harm. 
  • Gases – Decomposing remains will also create gases that enter the air. These gases can leave a film on surfaces around the room and carry airborne bacteria throughout the property. Our team will safely handle any decomposition gases and prevent further spread on your property. 
  • Odors – Decomposition releases intensely unpleasant odors, and bodily fluids and gases can spread these odors throughout a property. After the remains are removed, any lingering odors need to be neutralized. We have the cleaning agents and odor elimination tools to get rid of these smells. 

Blood and the fluids produced during decomposition can be absorbed into any porous materials, including sheets and mattresses, carpets, wood flooring, and walls where they become trapped beneath the surface as they continue to decompose. Cleaning that only reaches the surface will not reach the fluids or pathogens that have seeped into surfaces.

The decomposing blood and tissue often cannot be removed with household cleaning methods, especially if they have been present for an extended period of time. 

In some cases, a surface can be so deeply contaminated that even our advanced cleaning methods and technology cannot safely remove embedded or absorbed materials. We replace floors, walls, and ceilings that are unable to be restored or guide you through the available options with more sentimental materials that cannot be safely sanitized.

Our Process for Decomposition Cleaning and Restoration 

Cleaning decomposing bodies is an intensive process. After taking the correct safety precautions for our team and securing the premises so there is no chance of cross contamination, we use the following process, adapted to the individual needs of your circumstances:

  • Remove Tissue, Blood, and Fluids – All physical biological materials must be securely packed and marked. Mattresses, clothing, carpets, and other materials that have been contaminated must also be disposed of. We can often clean walls, floors, and belongings, but will need to dispose of those as well if they cannot be cleaned.
  • Sanitize and Disinfect – Bacteria, fluids, and pathogens can remain unseen on surfaces and in the air long after we have removed visual evidence. Antimicrobials, biocides, detergents, air scrubbers, and more can help us remove any resilient pathogens. When we are finished, we use medical grade testing to reveal (and remove) any remaining bacteria. 
  • Deodorize – Decomposition causes odors. We have an array of odor removing technology and treatments to eliminate the scents caused by decomposition. We can also deal with odors resulting from pets or other challenges that may accompany an unattended death, and we can get deep into even the toughest material to eliminate smells that may otherwise linger.
  • Restore – Our priority is to clean elements of the property rather than remove them, but this is not always possible when severe contamination occurs. If we have removed carpets, hardwood, sheetrock, or other structural elements, we can replace and finish them and restore your property to like-new condition. 

If other challenges are present on the property, such as hoarding or debris from a crime scene, we have services that can address these challenges too so that the property is fully restored.

Property Types We Work With

A death can happen almost anywhere and result in decomposition that goes undiscovered for some time.  Some remains may be managed by authorities in the case of a crime or taken away for burial, but any remaining blood, tissue, and bone, as well as the damage done during the process, are the responsibility of the property owner.

Yet most property owners are not equipped to perform decomposition cleanup, nor should they be expected to. Since biohazard material is involved, state laws about transportation and disposal of waste can even make some cleanup illegal.

Rescue Clean 911 has the services to clean and provide support to:

  • Single Family Homes – Whether a death has occurred at your home or at that of a family member, it is unsafe and emotionally difficult to live in a home where decomposition has occurred. The odors, bacteria, stains, and other remnants need to be removed. We can clean the house so that it is once again livable or ready for selling.
  • Apartments and Condos – Property managers are some of the most likely to discover an unattended death in one of their apartments. It often becomes apparent when neighboring tenants notice the smell, meaning decomposition has gone on for days or weeks at least. We can quickly remove remains and decontaminate the apartment to keep neighbors comfortable and restore the apartment for a future tenant.
  • Hotels, Businesses, and More – Whenever there has been a death, crime, or other biohazard incident at your business or commercial property, Rescue Clean 911 provides the safest and most effective solutions for repairing the damage, removing the signs, and protecting customers and employees.

Discretion is an important part of our service at most properties. It helps keep away curious neighbors, giving you space to heal or avoid harming your company’s reputation while we complete the cleaning process.

Any time blood or bodily fluids are present, there is a risk of disease for those cleaning. Regardless of how advanced decomposition is, there are also psychological hardships to cleaning up after it. This is why Rescue Clean 911 can handle projects requiring a range of different services, no matter the extent of the damage. 

Rescue Clean 911 – A Company You Can Trust for Decomposition Cleanup

Death is an emotional subject, and having to remove remains in a state of advanced decomposition is traumatic whether you knew the deceased or not. When you work with Rescue Clean 911, you are supported by a cleanup team and a company that understands the challenges you are going through and is there to help at every step.

We approach every cleanup project individually. This ensures that we not only take the time to address your specific questions, concerns, and emotional needs surrounding the process, but also that we can proceed safely and efficiently with a complete understanding of necessary cleanup. We prioritize:

  • Honesty and Transparency – At Rescue Clean 911, we are upfront with what we observe and the steps we will take to clean so that you can be sure we are always doing what is best for your property and your family.
  • Empathy – We understand the shock after a death. Many of the families we work with will be in the healing process while we are cleaning. Our entire team is respectful and understanding as we work with you to restore your property. We want to make the restoring of a property a positive step towards recovery for those families who have lost a loved one.
  • Professionalism – Our knowledge, dependability, and informed approach to decomposition cleanup are there to be reassuring after what often feels like an overwhelming experience. Whether you have questions or just want to know that the cleaning process is effectively handled, we always keep to a high professional standard.

With our full service property restoration, Rescue Clean 911 can clean any part of the property that was damaged by decomposition, along with any other damage that may have occurred on the property at the time. We are as thorough as possible, caring through every step, and bring with us years of experience with unattended death, sanitation, disinfection, and more. 

Get Professional Cleanup Services – Contact Rescue Clean 911

Cleaning up after a death or injury can be overwhelming. But it is not a challenge you have to face alone. At both residential and commercial properties in South Florida, Rescue Clean 911 is here to provide the decomposition cleanup, and any other services you need, to help you and your property get back to normal following a traumatic event. 

Call us at 833-253-2699 anytime to get 24 hour assistance and support you need right away, or fill out our online form if you have questions about our company or our service.

What Our Customers Are Saying

While we might come into limited contact with germs everyday, biological waste is considered dangerous when significant amounts of debris are present, and can become more so the longer it is allowed to sit on your property.

For most of our services, we can begin as soon as you call us. The only exception is crime scene cleanup or scenes where first responders are present, when we must first wait until the authorities “release” the scene or authorities have handled injuries or bodies. We can begin supporting you before that time, however, by letting you know what to expect during your service.

The specific contaminants present at a biohazard site will vary based on the type of incident. Those most common, and with the most potential for danger, are:

  • Blood Borne Diseases – HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C can be transmitted through infected blood. Combined, these diseases result in thousands of deaths each year and any exposure to blood or bodily fluids can increase the risk of becoming infected.
  • Bacteria – Sewage, decomposing tissue, hoarding situations, and other biological debris can carry a range of bacteria. Those people are most often familiar with include Streptococcus, E. coli, Salmonella, and Shigella, although there are dozens more. These bacteria can result in severe sickness if they are accidentally ingested.
  • Infectious Disease or Viruses – With coronavirus continuing to be a concern at many homes and businesses in the foreseeable future, sanitizing completely after exposure to COVID-19 or any other contagious pathogens limits the spread of illnesses.


Why You Should Call Now

Rescue Clean 911’s team of certified technicians are on-call 24/7, and will respond quickly no matter when disaster strikes. We understand how critical it is that cleanup begins as soon as possible to limit the damage to your property, and will be there as soon as possible, day or night.