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Mold Remediation in Fort Lauderdale, FL

There’s a reason that Rescue Clean 911 is considered the best mold removal service in Fort Lauderdale, FL. If you seek Fort Lauderdale mold removal, we are definitely the experts.

All properties can experience mold, which grows on any organic material. But where we are in the Fort Lauderdale and South Florida area, there is even more risk, as humid weather makes it even harder for water to evaporate. This can lead to mold growth, which damages the property and potentially become a health hazard, and the longer mold is allowed to wait, the worse the situation may get.

Every part of a mold infestation must be removed to prevent it from growing back. Mold remediation also needs to be completed safely, as mold spores have the potential to spread when disturbed or be inhaled, leading to further health risks. An intensive mold inspection should be able to see the mold damage to your home.

Rescue Clean 911 mold removal experts respond to mold in Fort Lauderdale with technology, tools, and science-backed techniques for thorough mold remediation. We service residential and commercial properties in the Fort Lauderdale area. As a local and full service company, we arrive quickly and are involved in every step of the process to restore your home or business.

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Common Mold Problems in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale’s location in Southern Florida means warmth and humidity lasting across essentially all seasons. The excess moisture in the air and the warm temperatures are ideal for mold. In some cases, the dampness caused by humidity and a lack of ventilation can be enough to start the growth of mold inside your property, but often the cause is as source of ongoing water, like a pipe leak.

There are hundreds of mold species, although the risks and treatments are generally similar between them. Mold refers to many different types of fungi made up of microscopic spores. When these spores land on a damp surface, they can become embedded and start growing and producing more spores.

Black Mold in Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Black mold”, scientifically called stachybotrys chartarum, may be the mold that gets the most attention for its toxicity. Many people associate the toxic spores that can cause breathing issues, allergies, illnesses, and neurological distress with black mold.

But the toxic spores that cause these health problems are not only present in black mold. Mold of any color inside your home needs to be treated with caution as it can produce similar spores, irritants, and allergens. A good mold inspector should be able to see if your home is at risk for mold problem. They also do mold testing to make sure they detect all the mold. A single property may also support different types of mold concurrently, including mold growing in areas you cannot see.

Besides the health concerns, mold is destructive to your property. It harms the value with unsightly staining and can result in permanent damage by eating away at wood, paper, paint, carpets, drywall, and fabrics throughout your home. The sooner you kill mold, the better.

What Does Mold Remediation Do?

There are mold spores everywhere, indoors and outdoors, and a certain level of spores in the air of your home is natural. It’s when the mold is able to start surviving on the organic materials of your home, like the gypsum in drywall, where they become a more significant and urgent problem.

When mold begins to grow inside your home, the spore production reduces the air quality to levels that are neither normal nor healthy. The increase in mold particles in the air means they are breathed in more frequently, which can cause lung, heart, and neurological problems.

Mold remediation job uses a range of tools and methods to return air quality to normal by removing spore producing growths and excess mold from the air. We also eliminate the cause of mold to keep mold from regrowing, and restore the damaged areas so it was as if the problem was never there.



Mold Remediation Process in Fort Lauderdale

The first step in mold remediation is locating the mold – mold inspection in Fort Lauderdale is essential in the mold removal process. The area of growth you can see may not be all that is present. More can be growing in a space hidden from view. Because set in mold means an increase in spores, the chance of more mold nearby is likely. We rely on technologies to detect mold and moisture alongside a visual inspection.

Once we have an assessment of the scope of damage, we eliminate it with:

  • Containment of Mold – In addition to shutting down cooling, heating, and ventilation systems, we place physical barriers and other containment measures to prevent mold from spreading while we clean.
  • Removing Molded Materials – Surfaces that have extreme mold growth often cannot be salvaged. We seal these and responsibly dispose of them. Carpet and drywall are among the most often removed items.
  • Encapsulation – If any item cannot be removed or cleaned, it is encapsulated. We cover the mold with a sealant that prevents the spores from spreading any further.
  • Cleaning Remaining Belongings – Anti fungus, disinfectants, biocides, and a range of cleaning techniques enables us to clean any surfaces that can be salvaged.
  • Air Filtration – HEPA filters and other filtration systems help us prevent the spread of mold during cleanup and return air particulate levels to normal.
  • Restoration – If drywall, flooring, or insulation were removed during the process, we repair these areas until they look as they did before.

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While our Fort Lauderdale mold remediation company will take care of the water source that caused the mold, we will also share strategies to prevent mold growing in your home again in the future from another source. . Call us to schedule a consultation: (561)375-5939. Our knowledge is local and specific to the mold challenges that Fort Lauderdale properties face, making us experts on dealing with humidity, cleaning solutions, ventilation, and more.

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