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At Rescue Clean 911, we offer comprehensive mold inspection services in Wellington, FL, designed to keep your property safe and healthy. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of work and customer service to the community through honesty and integrity.

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Who We Are at Rescue Clean 911

Rescue Clean 911 is here for you when you need us, offering 24/7 service. We pride ourselves on transparency and maintain communication with you throughout the entire process. Upon inspection, we provide a competitively priced estimate on the spot. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind and resolving your problems in a timely manner.

Why You May Need Mold Inspection

A mold inspector can detect mold particles suspended in air, settled dust, or growing on surfaces– which is crucial for protecting your family’s health and the value of your home or business. We use advanced techniques and equipment to assess mold growth and provide a detailed mold assessment for residential and commercial properties. 

A thorough mold inspection can help you:


  • Protect your family’s health and the value of your home
  • Identify sources of excess moisture or water damage
  • Negotiate with sellers if buying a home
  • Prevent future mold growth with recommendations for moisture control

Mold Damage

Mold damage occurs when mold colonies settle and grow on surfaces, leading to potential health risks and structural issues. Mold can be a serious health hazard, causing respiratory problems, allergies, and other health problems. A mold inspection can help identify the presence of mold, the source of excess moisture, and the extent of mold growth.

Water Damage 

Water damage often leads to mold growth due to excess moisture. Identifying and addressing water damage is essential to prevent mold infestation, and an inspection can reveal hidden water damage and moisture intrusion In addition to our mold inspection and remediation services, we also offer water damage restoration services

Our Process at Rescue Clean 911

Initial Consultation

The process starts with you noticing a musty smell, visible mold growth, changes in indoor air quality, or health symptoms indicating mold exposure. 

Visual Inspection

Our mold inspector conducts a thorough visual examination of your property to identify visible signs of mold growth. We check areas prone to mold, such as basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and areas with water damage.

Moisture Assessment

We use moisture meters to measure moisture content in walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Identifying sources of moisture is crucial to preventing future mold growth.

Use of Thermal Imaging

Infrared cameras help detect areas of moisture behind walls and other surfaces, identifying potential hidden mold growth.


We compile the findings from the visual inspection, moisture readings, and lab results into a comprehensive report. This report details the extent of the mold issue, the types of mold found, and the moisture sources.

Recommendations for Remediation

After a thorough inspection, we provide recommendations for mold remediation, including fixing moisture problems, removing contaminated materials, and cleaning or treating areas with mold growth.

Let Rescue Clean 911 Be Your One Stop Solution to Mold Remediation

If our inspection determines you have a mold problem, we offer our mold remediation services:

Step 1: Inspection

We start with an exhaustive mold inspection to assess the severity and extent of visible and potential hidden mold growth. This involves using moisture meters and infrared cameras to identify problem areas and formulate a tailored action plan.

Step 2: Containment

We isolate the affected area using sheeting and advanced techniques to prevent the spread of mold spores. Our professionals wear protective gear due to the potential health risks associated with mold exposure.

Step 3: Removal

We conduct a thorough cleaning process using advanced equipment and EPA-approved antimicrobial chemicals. Non-porous materials are cleaned, while porous materials like drywall and carpeting are removed and disposed of properly.

Step 4: Moisture Control and Prevention

We identify and address the sources of excess moisture, ensuring that relative humidity inside is controlled. Preventive measures are implemented to avoid future mold growth, from fixing moisture issues to advising on best practices for maintaining a mold-resistant environment.

Worried About Pricing?

Our mold remediation cost is determined by our Xactimate estimating software, ensuring competitive and transparent pricing.

Insurance Considerations

We assist with insurance claims, working with your insurance company to ensure you receive coverage for mold remediation services.

Choose Rescue Clean 911 When You’re in Need

Mold is dangerous and can pose serious health risks. Bacteria may also be present, making mold remediation a critical and timely process. We are restoration and mold experts with experience in fire damage, water removal, and more. Schedule an appointment today with Rescue Clean 911. We offer free quotes and estimates, 24-hour emergency services, and assistance with extensive water damage cleanup.

Give us a call at any time at 1-833-CLEAN99 (1-561-621-2738) for reliable mold inspection and remediation services in Wellington, FL.


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