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Rescue Clean 911 is a local water damage restoration company, serving Coral Springs, FL. Disasters can happen at any time. Were a 24-hour team that is able to address moderate to severe water damage anywhere in your residential or commercial property.

We make sure that any water is removed, that the property is sanitized, and that any damage that the flooding has caused is repaired or replaced as though it never happened. If youre struggling with urgent water damage or flooding, give us a call at 833-253-2699 right now, and one of our specialists will be there to help.

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Types of Water Damage That Can Affect Your Coral Springs Home or Business

No one expects to experience water damage. Sometimes, the issue is a small leak. Other times, the issue is something more urgent, such as massive flooding or a sewage backup. At Rescue Clean 911, we make sure that our Coral Springs water damage and flood removal services are available to address any issue, no matter how extensive or urgent. Some examples of the challenges we address include:

Leaks in the Building

Pipes are imperfect, and leaks can happen at any time. Some leaks are slow, causing mold and erosion over time. Others are massive, leading to significant property damage if the water is not removed quickly. Were able to address leaks and repair piping so that it does not happen again.


Coral Springs has South Floridas weather, which means that flooding can happen at any time. Old pipes may also break and old sewer systems may back up, leading to additional water damage. Were able to address all forms of flooding, including hazardous sewer water, to prevent illness and further damage.


A fire on your property will cause a lot of damage. But so too will the hoses that the firefighters use to put it out. Rescue Clean 911 will extract any water damage caused by putting out the fire, and – because were also a fire damage repair company – we will be able to assist with restoring any burned or smoke filled areas of your property as well.

What to Do When You Detect Water Damage

While small spills can be cleaned up with a towel, larger amounts of water are typically urgent issues. Any sitting water can soak into building materials and lead to mold and long term damage, while other forms of water may contain harmful pathogens that can cause illness or significant property destruction.

If faced with water damage, the first thing to do is turn off your water supply if it is safe to do so. Then call Rescue Clean 911, so that we can provide the following:

Water Damage Assessments

One of the challenges with water is that it can soak into places that you cannot see. Well need to perform a full assessment to see where there may be damage.

Emergency Extraction of Water in Coral Springs, FL

Once weve found where water damage has occurred, well need to extract it as fast as possible using a variety of technologies that aid in removing large amounts of water.

Drying and Dehumidification

Even after the extraction, there is likely to be water still present that has soaked into even the most water resistant of materials. We will then dry and dehumidify to prevent mold/damage.

Local Business – Why Choose Rescue Clean 911?

Rescue Clean is the leading Coral Springs water damage repair and restoration company. Were local, which means that were not beholden to shareholders or investors – we just want to help you with your property and make sure that you feel safe in your home again. Give us a call at 833-253-2699 at any time to learn more about our Coral Springs water damage and flooding removal services, or for your emergency support.


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At Rescue Clean 911, we are dedicated to helping our clients in every possible way. Whether you are dealing with water damage, fire damage, or another type of cleanup need, we can provide the professional cleaning services you need to get your property back to its best shape.

Our team has extensive experience handling biohazard and mold cleanup, as well as duct cleaning and other specialty cleaning tasks.

With a 24/7 local response, you can trust us to be there when you need us, no matter what time of day or night it is. So if you’re looking for a reliable and experienced cleaning company that will get the job done right, look no further than Rescue Clean 911!


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