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At Rescue Clean 911, we understand the importance of a safe and healthy indoor environment. We proudly offer comprehensive commercial property and home mold inspection services in Boca Raton to ensure your property is free from harmful contaminants. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality work and customer service to the community with honesty and integrity, safeguarding your health and property.

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Who We Are at Rescue Clean 911

Rescue Clean 911 is a restoration company with 24/7 emergency services, so help is always available. Transparency is our policy— you can expect clear communication from our thorough inspection to our final report. We conduct a professional mold inspection and then provide a competitively priced estimate on the spot for our mold remediation services. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Why You May Need Mold Inspection

Mold damage can be a silent threat to your health and South Florida property. Mold inspection is crucial for identifying mold particles suspended in the air, settled dust, or growing on building materials and furnishings. Here’s why you might need a mold inspector:

  • Health Hazards: Mold can pose serious health risks, especially for individuals with allergies, asthma, or weakened immune systems. Protect your family’s health and ensure the air quality in your home or business is safe.
  • Water Damage Detection: Mold growth is often linked to water damage. An inspection helps identify excess moisture sources, preventing future mold growth.
  • Home Purchase Protection: If you’re buying a home, a mold inspection can help you negotiate repairs, price reductions, or credits with the seller.
  • Preventive Measures: An inspection report may include recommendations for preventing future mold growth and controlling humidity levels.

Our Process at Rescue Clean 911

The mold assessment process at Rescue Clean 911 involves several meticulous steps to ensure thorough detection and assessment:

  • Initial Consultation: Our mold assessors start with a consultation to understand your concerns, whether it’s a musty smell, visible mold, or health symptoms suggesting mold exposure.
  • Visual Inspection: Our mold inspectors conduct a detailed visual examination of your property, focusing on areas prone to mold, such as basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and any water-damaged spots.
  • Moisture Assessment: Using moisture meters, we measure the moisture content in walls, ceilings, and other surfaces to identify potential mold growth sources.
  • Thermal Imaging: Infrared cameras help us detect hidden moisture behind walls and other surfaces, which can be indicative of mold growth.
  • Reporting: We compile the findings into a detailed report, detailing the extent of mold issues, types of mold found, and sources of moisture.
  • Recommendations for Remediation: We offer tailored recommendations for mold removal and remediation, ensuring effective and lasting solutions.

Let Rescue Clean 911 Be Your One-Stop Solution to Mold Remediation

If our inspection determines you have a mold problem, our mold remediation process includes:

  • Containment: We isolate the affected area using plastic sheeting and advanced techniques to prevent mold spore spread. Protective gear is worn by our professionals to ensure safety.
  • Removal: The affected area undergoes deep cleaning using advanced equipment and EPA-approved antimicrobial chemicals. Non-porous materials are cleaned, while porous materials are removed and disposed of. 
  • Moisture Control and Prevention: Identifying and addressing moisture sources is crucial. We implement measures to control humidity levels and prevent future mold growth and protect your indoor air quality

Worried About Pricing?

Our mold remediation cost is determined by Xactimate estimating software, ensuring accurate and fair pricing. Additionally, we work closely with your insurance company to assist with claims, making the process as seamless as possible.

Choose Rescue Clean 911 When You’re in Need

Mold is dangerous and can harbor bacteria, posing serious health risks. Mold remediation needs to be fast to prevent further damage and health issues. At Rescue Clean 911, we are more than a mold remediation company, we have extensive experience in restoration services from fire damage to odor removal, and more. 

Schedule an appointment today for a free quote and estimate. We offer 24-hour services for emergencies across Palm Beach County and can assist with other cleanup types.

Give us a call at any time at 1-833-CLEAN99 (1-561-621-2738)  to schedule an appointment and let us help you restore your property to a safe and healthy condition.


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